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Is Brown Sugar Good for You?

Is Brown Sugar Good for You?

Brown sugar do have a very slightly lower caloric value by weight due to the presence of water (100g of brown sugar contains 373 calories vs 396 calories in white sugar), but if you compare it by volume, a tablespoon of brown sugar has 48 calories vs 45 calories in white sugar).

We’ve all been through the moment when we were deciding whether we should pick up a bag of brown sugar or white sugar at our local coffee shop. So have you ever wondered, what is the health benefits of brown sugar? Is it like brown bread and brown rice, that it is healthier than their white counterpart?

Apparently, this is not true. Brown sugar, through clever marketing, has no nutritional differences than white sugar. Brown sugar is simply an unrefined (or partially refined) soft sugar with added molasses, and this is what makes the sugar look brown.


  1. Alan Gray

    “Just” adding molasses is still a good move as it contains iron and unrefined sugar also contains calcium. Calories aren’t the only thing to look at.

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