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Beer One of the Healthiest Alcohol

Beer One of the Healthiest Alcohol

In recent years, more and more reports shows that moderate alcohol drinking is actually good for your body. Red wine is usually the most talked-about alcoholic drink in this category, but have you ever thought about beer?

A report commissioned by The Beer Academy found that beer is one of the healthiest (in the alcoholic beverages category) drinks available.

Beer contains vitamins which can help you to maintain a well-balanced healthy diet, fiber to keep you regular, readily absorbed antioxidants and minerals such as silicon which may help to lower your risk of osteoporosis.”

– Spokeswoman, The Beer Academy

You rarely see the words “beer” and “nutrition” used together, but this is perhaps a reason of misunderstanding. Studies have found that drinking one beer per day may be good for your health because the foliate found in beer may help reduce homocysteine in the blood, which means a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that if beer is good for you, you should drink more. While drinking one beer per day may improve your health, but with heavy drinking, the alcohol may lead to liver damage, cardiovascular disease, pancreatic diseases, osteoporosis, severe thiamin deficiency and some cancers. [Daily Mail]


  1. Khalid

    This is great news… i already drink a glass of red a day, i’m glad i can have beer in my diet too!

  2. Christine

    Awesome! Now I can enjoy a pint of beer without hesitation!

  3. Timson

    now what about guiness? does guiness count as beer.. cuz i know guiness is even healthier than beer…

  4. Andy

    Timson: I remember reading somewhere that guinness is actually good for you. Here’s a news i pull from google:

  5. Jillian

    I remember there was an episode on Food Channel where the host tried a 7-day guiness diet. Aside from being dehydrated he said he felt fine – well, nthing to do with health but just something interesting.

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