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10 Healthy Foods That Looks Like Your Body Parts

10 Healthy Foods That Looks Like Your Body Parts

Woman’s Day recently posted an article that’s quite interesting. It listed 10 foods that resembles some of your body parts, and how it is actually healthy for that particular part.

Some of the foods that mirror the body parts they provide nutrients for include:

  1. Carrot’s vitamins and antioxidants are good for your eyes
  2. Walnut’s high content of omega-3 is good for your brains
  3. Celery’s source of silicon gives your bones their strength
  4. Avocado’s source of folic acid reduces your risk for cervical dysplasia
  5. Clam’s source of folic acid and zinc can improve your semen quality

You can find out the rest of the 10 foods at


  1. connie

    I thought walnut’s omega-3 is mostly DHA (or epa?) and it is not as good as fish oil.

    I would rather eat salmon and fish for omega 3. Besides, walnut doesn’t taste good.

  2. Scott

    kinda funny reading about food that improves semen quality on “WOMEN’S DAY”.

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