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Junk Food Leads to Colorectal Cancer

Junk Food Leads to Colorectal Cancer

University of Edinburgh in Scotland conducted a new study concluding that junk food consumption positively associates with colorectal cancer.

(NCBI) Researchers in the study found that colorectal cancer (CRC) risk is linked to patients’ diet, especially with high fat- and sugar-filled snack foods such as cakes, chips, sugary drinks and many other desserts. These “high-energy snack foods” and high-energy drinks (including sodas and other sugar-filled beverages) were concluded by studying data from 2,062 colorectal cancer patients and 2,776 controls between 16-79 years old. They all visited a surgical unit in Scotland between 1999 and 2006 and had to complete questionnaires based on their lifestyle including their diet and snack food habits.

Fruit and Vegetables Juices are High in Sugar

The study also listed fruits and vegetables juices as beverages that links to the risk of CRC. Researchers explains that fruit and vegetables juices are different than regular produce consumption because these beverages contains additional sugars, preservatives and other additives, which counter-balances the healthy component of regular fruits and vegetables.

The researcher in this study do give an advice of lowering the risk of colorectal cancer by having a healthy diet consisting of lots of produce.

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